RBE Platforms

BuildBuddy default

BuildBuddy's default platform is Ubuntu 16.04 with Java 8 installed. Building on our basic command can specify this platform with the --host_platform flag:


Using a custom Docker image

You can configure BuildBuddy RBE to use a custom docker image, by adding the following rule to a BUILD file:

    name = "docker_image_platform",
    remote_execution_properties = """
        properties {
           name: "OSFamily"
           value:  "Linux"
        properties {
           name: "container-image"
           value: "docker://gcr.io/YOUR:IMAGE"

Make sure to replace gcr.io/YOUR:IMAGE with your docker image url.

You can then pass this configuration to BuildBuddy RBE with the following flag:


This assumes you've placed this rule in your root BUILD file. If you place it elsewhere, make sure to update the path accordingly.

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