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BuildBuddy Docs

BuildBuddy is an open-core Bazel build event viewer, result store, remote cache, and remote build execution platform.

Get started

There are two main ways to get started with BuildBuddy:

  1. BuildBuddy Cloud: a fully managed cloud version of BuildBuddy that is free to use for individuals and open source projects. You can get up and running quickly by just adding a few lines to your .bazelrc file.
  2. BuildBuddy On-Prem: Run your own instance of BuildBuddy on your own servers or in your own cloud environment. Features targeted at individual developers are free and open source. BuildBuddy Enterprise is also available for companies that need advanced features like OIDC auth, API access, and more.

Go further

Once you've gotten started with BuildBuddy - there's lots more to check out!

  1. Guides: Helpful guides to walk you through common BuildBuddy use-cases.
  2. Configuration options: Learn how to configure BuildBuddy to conform to your needs.
  3. Remote Build Execution: parallelize your builds across thousands of machines.
  4. Troubleshooting: Where to go when you're stuck.

Start contributing

Check out our contributing docs to find out how to get started contributing to BuildBuddy.

Join the discussion

Join our BuildBuddy Slack channel to talk to the team, ask questions, discuss BuildBuddy, and get to know us!