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BuildBuddy Named to Inaugural Redpoint InfraRed 100

Siggi Simonarson
Siggi Simonarson, Co-founder @ BuildBuddy

New York City – July 18, 2023 – BuildBuddy, which provides an enterprise software for the Bazel ecosystem, announces its inclusion in the first edition of the Redpoint InfraRed 100, a comprehensive list of the next 100 promising private companies in Cloud Infrastructure. This curated selection of companies represents the next generation of leaders in the industry, poised to make a significant impact in the cloud infrastructure market.

Redpoint Ventures is a leading venture capital firm with a diverse portfolio of successful companies including Twilio, Looker, Nextdoor, Ramp, Stripe, Nubank, HashiCorp, Snowflake, Netflix, Hims, and more. In celebration of this accolade, BuildBuddy CEO Siggi Simonarson is joining Redpoint at Nasdaq alongside other InfraRed 100 company leaders to discuss the future of cloud infrastructure.

PostgreSQL Support for BuildBuddy

Zoey Greer
Zoey Greer, Engineer @ BuildBuddy

By popular demand, we are introducing support for a PostgreSQL database backend for BuildBuddy! You can now use PostgreSQL as a drop-in replacement for MySQL or SQLite just by specifying a PostgreSQL endpoint to your BuildBuddy instance.

Try it out!

# After following steps appropriate to your OS/distribution to install PostgreSQL:

# Create a PostgreSQL user corresponding to the current user if one does not already exist
sudo su postgres -c "createuser $USER --createdb --pwprompt"

# Create a PostgreSQL database called "buildbuddy_test"
createdb buildbuddy_test

# Replace "$PGPASSWORD" with the PostgreSQL password you created for your user
bb run //enterprise/server -- --database.data_source="postgresql://$USER:$PGPASSWORD@localhost/buildbuddy_test?sslmode=disable"

The PostgreSQL connection may also be specified via database.advanced_data_source, just like our other database backends, and as always these flags can instead be specified in your BuildBuddy YAML config as opposed to on the command line. Remember that when you switch out database backends, you're starting with a fresh BuildBuddy instance, so you'll need to create users and change your API keys before you can build anything against it if you're using auth.

Questions? Comments? Other things you'd like to see in BuildBuddy? You can find us on Slack or contact us at; we'd love to hear from you!

Providing Control Over Cache Encryption

Vadim Berezniker
Vadim Berezniker, Engineer @ BuildBuddy

BuildBuddy enables fast builds by providing a high-performance cache that stores and serves artifacts, such as the inputs and outputs to your build actions.

Starting today, BuildBuddy customers can provide their own encryption keys that will be used to encrypt and decrypt data stored in the cache. At launch, we are supporting keys managed by Google Cloud Platform KMS and Amazon Web Services KMS.

Buck2 Unboxing

Son Luong Ngoc
Son Luong Ngoc, Solution Engineer @ BuildBuddy

Recently Meta announced the release of Buck2, their official build tool that was rewritten in Rust. I got a chance to try it and integrate it with BuildBuddy's Remote Cache and Remote Build Execution offerings.

Here are the initial impressions I have after a week of using Buck2.

Keyboard Shortcuts in BuildBuddy

Iain Macdonald
Iain Macdonald, Engineer @ BuildBuddy

There are lots of small, satisfying moments in the day-to-day lives of software developers. From finding and deleting dead code, to writing tests that pass on the first run (actually), to receiving UX mocks that call for simplifying the frontend code, those little joys are a pleasant treat! We’re excited to share a small new BuildBuddy Build Result UI feature that we think fits into this category: keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts can be enabled in the personal preferences menu on the settings page in the app. Once enabled, a help menu explaining the shortcuts can be toggled using ? to show and Esc to hide. There’s also a clickable button to close it just in case… if only Vim had one too!

I implemented this feature during a hackathon a couple of months ago and I like how it saves me a second or two on some common tasks in the Build Result UI. My favorite shortcut is Shift-c to copy invocation page links. I use it once or twice a day to share a link in Slack along with the confused emoji.

We love receiving feedback from customers, if you’re excited about this or have other shortcuts you’d like to see in the UI, hit us up on Slack or at

Welcoming Grace Chuang

Siggi Simonarson
Siggi Simonarson, Co-founder @ BuildBuddy

To fulfill our mission of bringing the world's best developer tools to every company, keeping our business running smoothly is as important as ensuring our customers' builds run smoothly. That's why we're excited to share that Grace Chuang is joining BuildBuddy!

Grace joins us from Google, where she spent 5+ years working on Product Strategy and Operations. Prior to Google, Grace spent 3 years at J.P. Morgan.

We look forward to working alongside Grace to build the future of developer tools.

Welcome to BuildBuddy, Grace!

Donating rules_xcodeproj to the Mobile Native Foundation

Brentley Jones
Brentley Jones, Developer Evangelist @ BuildBuddy

Since the first commit of rules_xcodeproj, we’ve been committed to it being community driven and community owned. Early in rules_xcodeproj’s development, multiple companies started using the project, while also putting forth significant contributions. And all throughout its development we’ve solicited feedback from users on how the project is working for them, not working for them, and what we should be focusing on next.

Today we are taking the next step in this commitment; we are solidifying the community ownership of rules_xcodeproj by donating it to the Mobile Native Foundation!

Multiple Xcode Configurations with rules_xcodeproj 1.3

Brentley Jones
Brentley Jones, Developer Evangelist @ BuildBuddy

Today we released version 1.3.2 of rules_xcodeproj!

This is a pretty exciting release, as it adds support for multiple Xcode configurations (e.g. Debug and Release). Since early in rules_xcodeproj’s development, being able to have more than the default Debug configuration has been highly requested. We would have implemented support much sooner, but because rules_xcodeproj accounts for every file path and compiler/linker flag, in order to have rock solid indexing and debugging support, it wasn’t an easy task.

Introducing rules_xcodeproj 1.0

Brentley Jones
Brentley Jones, Developer Evangelist @ BuildBuddy

Almost exactly one year ago I wrote the first commit for rules_xcodeproj. Like a lot of software engineers, I’m pretty bad at estimating, and thought that I would be able to finish 1.0 in 2 to 4 months 😅. The longer development cycle was a result of an increased scope and level of quality that I came to expect for a proper 1.0 release. Over the course of the year, I believe the project has risen to meet my expectations, and today I’m happy to announce the release of version 1.0 of rules_xcodeproj!

Welcoming Son Luong Ngoc

Siggi Simonarson
Siggi Simonarson, Co-founder @ BuildBuddy

At BuildBuddy, our mission is to bring the world's best developer tools to every company. A big part of that mission involves building a team folks with deep industry experience helping companies build and scale their systems.

That's why we're so excited to share that Son Luong Ngoc has joined BuildBuddy as a Solutions Engineer. His work with Bazel at scale will directly benefit BuildBuddy users and customers.

Son Luong is a contributor to bazel, git, rules_go, rules_docker, bazel-gazelle, and more. He's also a regular contributor to the Bazel Slack and maintains an incredible blog that explains the inner workings of Bazel.

Son Luong joins us from Qarik, where he helped large enterprises with Bazel and scalable build infrastructure. Prior to Qarik, Son Luong was an SRE at, where he helped scale their Bazel monorepo.

We look forward to working alongside Son Luong to build the future of developer tools.

Welcome to BuildBuddy, Son Luong!