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Faster builds.
Happier developers.

BuildBuddy provides enterprise features for Bazel — the open source build system that allows you to build and test software 10x faster.
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Remote Build

Massively parallel builds with just a few lines of configuration and no maintenance burden. BuildBuddy provides remote build execution and caching as a fully-managed cloud service. Supports custom Docker images, and automatically scales to thousands of worker nodes.
Total Compute Minutes Saved
By organizations using BuildBuddy Cloud remote caching — that's 12,585 years not spent waiting for builds to finish.

Unlock your
Bazel build logs

BuildBuddy captures build logs, test logs, invocation details, target information, and artifacts — so you can dive deep into and easily share the details of each and every build.

BuildBuddy is Enterprise Bazel

BuildBuddy brings the power of Bazel to your organization, along with mission-critical features, enterprise-grade stability, and 24/7 expert support.
The BuildBuddy Results Store and Results UI gives you full visibility into your builds so you can debug failing tests, view invocation details, and track down slow targets.
With a built-in Remote Build Cache and Remote Build Execution, BuildBuddy gives you the tools to make your whole engineering organization more productive.
Share BuildBuddy links with co-workers to get your problems solved quickly — so you can get back to building.
faster builds
faster tests

“BuildBuddy delivers the remote cache and remote execution performance we need without the maintenance burden. All while providing best in class visibility into our builds.”

Keith Smiley
Principal Engineer at Lyft & Lead Maintainer of Bazel's Apple rules
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BuildBuddy integrates with

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Jenkins Integration
BuildBuddy Open Source
BuildBuddy is open-core and our features targeted at individual developers are available for free and MIT Licensed on GitHub. To show our appreciation to the open source community, we also offer BuildBuddy Cloud for free to small teams and Open Source projects.

Powered by BuildBuddy
Here are some of our favorite open source repositories that are powered by BuildBuddy.
Kibana is a browser-based analytics and search dashboard for Elasticsearch.
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RabbitMQ is a feature rich, multi-protocol messaging broker.
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ASCIIFlow is a client-side only web based application for drawing ASCII diagrams.
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Instant Kubernetes-Native Application Observability.
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FormatJS is a modular collection of JavaScript libraries for internationalization.
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A high-level Scala/Java SDK for Apache Kafka.
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