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Enterprise Overview

We offer an enterprise version of BuildBuddy targeted at companies who need advanced features and enterprise level support.

Enterprise BuildBuddy is available both as a fully-managed cloud hosted solution, or as an on-prem deployment.


  • OpenID Connect auth support that integrates with Okta, GSuite, Auth0, and more
  • BuildBuddy API for programatic access to your build results
  • Remote Build Execution with support for custom Docker images
  • Configurable TTL for build results and cache with support for persistent build artifact storage
  • High availability (HA) configurations
  • Horizontal scaling with Kubernetes HPA
  • Enterprise grade support and uptime

For a full feature breakdown, check out our pricing page.

Getting started

To get started with BuildBuddy Enterprise, request a quote.

Cloud setup

Getting started with BuildBuddy Enterprise Cloud is as easy as logging into your BuildBuddy account, and following the Quickstart instructions once BuildBuddy Enterprise has been enabled for your account.

On-prem setup

Once you've received your BuildBuddy Enterprise license, you can configure your BuildBuddy Enterprise on-prem installation by following our Enterprise Getting Started docs .