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GitHub Configuration

In order to configure BuildBuddy's GitHub integration, you'll either need to:

  • create an access token with the repo:status scope. This is the supported method for BuildBuddy open source.
  • or create a GitHub Oauth app. In the Authorization callback URL field - you'll need to enter your BuildBuddy application url, followed by the path /auth/. For example: https:// This is the recommended method for BuildBuddy Enterprise.


github: The GitHub section enables the posting of BuildBuddy GitHub commit statuses for CI runs. Optional



  • access_token: The GitHub access token used to post GitHub commit statuses.

  • client_id: The client ID of your GitHub Oauth App. [ENTERPRISE ONLY]

  • client_secret: The client secret of your GitHub Oauth App. [ENTERPRISE ONLY]

Example section

Open source with access token:

access_token: abc123

Enterprise with Oauth app:

client_id: abc123
client_secret: def456