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Remote Cache

Global remote caching infrastructure made easy. Highly scalable, blazing fast, and incredibly simple to setup.

Globally distributed

BuildBuddy Cloud cache has over 100 points of presence around the world to minimize ping and maximize throughput.

Cache stats

Tools to track and monitor your cache hit ratios over time. Catch performance regressions and validate performance optimizations.

Build without the bytes support

Designed to support Bazel's remote_download_minimal flag to eliminate the need to download of intermediate artifacts.

Cache hit debugging

Dive into invocations to see individual cache misses and which targets they're associated with, view input files, and more.

Compression support

Support for compressed blobs brings a 2x speed-up in network performance over caches that don't support it.

High availability

Redundant storage, multi-zone deployments, and zero downtime rollouts allow us to offer unmatched SLAs.

Low latency

Custom caching infrastucture allows us to serve cache artifacts with 2ms average read latencies, compared to ~100ms with S3.

High throughput

Production clusters easily handle 80k+ QPS with read throughputs of over 700 Mbps per artifact.

gRPC protocol

gRPC protocool enables connection multiplexing, timing profile & test log uploading, and more.

Vertically and horizontally scalable

Scale each individual cache node to billions of files and dozens of terrabytes — or just add more cache nodes to scale with ease.

Read-only api keys

Control who has read/write permissions to your cache with read-only API keys.

Partition support

Partition your cache to prevent high-churn projects from evicting the cache of projects with less volume.

And much more!

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