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Plugin Library

Add functionality and customize your BuildBuddy CLI experience with plugins built by our incredible developer community.
Featured plugin
Adds support for an `--open` argument which automatically opens your BuildBuddy invocation page once your build completes.
bb install buildbuddy-io/plugins:open-invocation
Top plugins
Prompts you to automatically run gazelle when you forget to update your BUILD files.
bb install buildbuddy-io/plugins:go-deps
Styles your Bazel console output with a more modern theme.
bb install siggisim/theme-modern
Adds support for a `--notify` argument that sends you a desktop notification when your build completes.
bb install buildbuddy-io/plugins:notify
Styles your Bazel console output with a minimalist, monochrome theme.
bb install siggisim/theme-mono
Highlights any go errors to make them easier to visually distinguish from the rest of your console output.
bb install bduffany/go-highlight
Disables remote execution if not connected to the internet.
bb install siggisim/ping-remote

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