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Build & Test UI

Get visibility into your build and test performance. Share invocation links with co-workers and debug together.

Remote Execution

Automatically parallelize your build actions and test runs across thousands of cores.
siggi@lunchbox: ~/tensorflow
siggi@lunchbox:~/tensorflow$ bazel build tensorflow --config=remote
INFO: Invocation ID: 5fa9285b-b01e-435b-9ad4-96543f939e6a
INFO: Streaming build results to:
INFO: Analyzed target //tensorflow:tensorflow (226 packages loaded, 20226 targets configured)
INFO: Found 1 target...
[0 / 8,191] 469 actions, 375 running
    Compiling src/google/protobuf/; 2s remote
    Compiling src/google/protobuf/stubs/; 2s remote
    Compiling src/google/protobuf/io/; 2s remote
    Compiling sc/google/protobuf/stubs/; 2s remote
    Compiling src/google/protobuf/; 2s remote
    Compiling src/google/protobuf/; 2s remote
    GoToolchainBinaryCompile external/go_sdk_Linux/builder.a [for host]; 2s remote
    Compiling src/google/protobuf/; 2s remote

Remote Cache

Global remote caching infrastructure made easy. Highly scalable, blazing fast, and incredibly simple to setup.

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