BuildBuddy joins Y Combinator

If you’ve hung out around developers for any extended period — you’ve probably heard “my code is compiling” as an excuse from them when they’re slacking off and browsing Hacker News.

“Compiling” via XKCD

Slow, flaky builds waste hours of developer time — leading to slow dev refresh cycles and unhappy, unproductive engineers. This is the problem we’re solving at BuildBuddy.

BuildBuddy is a managed Bazel build system. It brings a Google-style development environment and 10x faster builds to any company.

We’re excited to share that we’ve been accepted into Y Combinator and have been participating in their Winter 2020 batch. Here’s a photo from our first batch dinner where the founders of Airbnb (YC Winter 2009) told us stories about their YC experience:

Airbnb founders speak at our first batch dinner via Gustaf Alstromer

We’re excited to share more about BuildBuddy in the coming months. If you intrigued and want to learn more — feel free to shoot us an email at

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