Frequently asked questions.

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What is BuildBuddy?

BuildBuddy is Bazel build event viewer, result store, remote cache, and remote build execution platform. It helps you collect, view, share and debug build events in a user-friendly web UI. It also allows you to easily parallelize your builds across thousands of machines with minimal setup.

How much does BuildBuddy cost?

BuildBuddy is free for individual developers, small companies, and open source projects. If you'd like to use BuildBuddy at your company - check out our pricing page.

What is BuildBuddy's licensing model?

BuildBuddy uses the open-core licensing model. This means the core BuildBuddy code you find on Github is MIT licensed and aimed at individual developers. Our enterprise features built for companies require a BuildBuddy enterprise license.

What's different about the paid version of BuildBuddy?

The paid version of BuildBuddy is aimed at teams and companies, while the free version is aimed at individual developers. Paid features include team build dashboards, developer productivity stats, remote build execution, and more. Paid BuildBuddy also includes enterprise support.

How do I contact the team?

You can email us at any time! We'd love to chat. You can also say hi to us on our Slack channel.

What are BuildBuddy's security & data privacy policies?

Security and data privacy are top priorities of ours. See our Security & Data Privacy page for more info.

Where do I report bugs?

You can report bugs or feature requests by opening a Github issue.

Can I use BuildBuddy on-prem?

BuildBuddy was designed to run either on-prem or in the cloud. You can see on-prem setup instructions here.

Can I deploy Bazel as a Docker image?

Yep! Docker instructions are available in our on-prem guide.